A Fit of Freedom | .mistrust .reflect .double check
A Fit of Freedom | .mistrust .reflect .double check
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All human beings create their own vision of freedom. For some, freedom means a big party, for others – an opportunity to travel or financial autonomy. However, gaining “permanent” freedom is more like a utopia – in one way or another we have to follow written or unwritten rules and norms. That is why freedom comes in fits: at times of doubt, quarrel, reflection or learning. It is this very experience that a series of online-books – A Fit of Freedom – is based upon. You’ll find them telling of challenges of the present and the foreseeable future. Let’s go through these doubts together, let’s think and examine in order to make a fit of our own freedom last a little longer.


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THE BLACKLIST: A Brief History Of Battles Over The Internet

The past fifteen years of the Internet’s history have been all but uneventful: it has gone from being an uncharted territory of the new age to a dream of social equity come true to a concept of ever-present business experiments and self-censorship. Today, we are witnessing websites being blacklisted, the “Great Chinese firewall”, and have accepted the “antiterrorist amendments”, leading to universal surveillance. Has the humankind as a whole and Internet users in particular been able to preserve a space for free exchange of information? Who and what represents today’s global network? What are its prospects? Let’s ask these questions and begin to investigate the logic of things in order to be ready for any changes ahead.


DURING THE FLOOD: Esoteric Of Information Society

Having a personal idea of ​​the importance of history as a science, be prepared for its symmetrical response. A banal set of dates and a brief description of events – has nothing to do with discipline, ready to become an obliging oracle for every answer seeker. Personality, their decisions and the root causes of tragic events, is the basis of true history. The experiments of Friedrich Fischer, the discovery of DNA in the world, the terrorist act of September 11, 2001 in the United States, the release of the first iPhone by Apple in 2007 are excellent, at first glance, events if one does not take into account the integrity of history, as well as the global interrelation of states and societies. “During the Flood” tightly intertwines the past and present, demonstrating the illusory stability of the opinions and principles that formed the new society.

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